Sunday, September 7, 2008

My first wedding during a Tropical Storm

The week before the wedding on 9-6-08 I found myself watching the weather constantly. Hoping that Hurricane Hanna would clear up so we could shoot the wedding on the beach. Rafael and Stephanie had planned a beautiful wedding right on Bethany Beach. They had no idea that Hanna would be coming up the East Coast. Saturday morning, Kim and I drove to Bethany. We were worried the Bay Bridge would close either before or after the wedding. Luckily the weather was worse in Southern Maryland than it was on the Eastern Shore. They moved everything inside in Beach house, more like a Mansion. Everything turned out great. It was nice. There were approximately 40 guests at the most. The Bride was beautiful! Rafael was charming as well. The weather finally cleared out for a bit. So Kim and I took Stephanie and Rafael outside to shoot formals. Then invited everyone to enjoy the weather on the beach. We took pictures for about an hour. Time flew by so fast. It was perfect! I've never seen waves so big on the Eastern Shore. OC was only 5 minutes away. The waves had to be about 8-10ft hight. It was pretty amazing. Here are some images that I captured...


Rafael said...

Dear Kristie,

Thanks so much for the very first impressions - we appreciate your wonderful work very much!

Looking forward to seeing the other pictures from our "stormy wedding".

All the best,
Stephanie & Rafael

Melinda said...

wow, These are awesome pictures. I love the ease of the couple and the style of your picture.
All the best,

Dave McGuiness said...

Nice couple plus gorgeous pics!

Dan said...

Dear photographer,
Haven't seen so much emotions in a series of pictures! Go ahead! That rocks! Best, Dan!

Anonymous said...